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For the Society to retain as much income from sales as possible you can pay by cheque or postal order
so please download an ORDER FORM to complete and return by post remembering to add P&P as shown on the form.
Similarly you can also pay by BACS by emailing a request for our bank details to website@intercityrailwaysociety.org

To order by credit card via PayPal please go to our BOOKS or to our SUNDRIES on-line ordering pages

If you want your order to arrive for a special reason please inform us via the 'Instructions to Seller' option on PayPal or via a separate email to publications@intercityrailwatsociety.org


ICRS publishes well respected quality enthusiasts spotting books under the banner of the UK Rail Series. We have eight titles (nine books) in print for 2023. Expanding our range, the first of a series of pictorial albums on Locos in the Pre-Privatisation Era, Shunter Hunter Class 08 was released in late August 2022.

We have published 10 books since 2009, 7 of which continue to be in print UKRS01-05/10/11 with 3 no longer produced UKRS06/07/09. UKRS05 though out of production for several years was re-released in 2018 as an A6 size wire bound version. The Combine was split into two Volumes from 2020 to cope with the additional data, with carriages moved into Vol.2 which incorporates the former separate Wagon book. Prior to the Covid pandemic and a change in printers the Combine & Wagon books were released annually with a second updated Summer edition in July as were both versions of the Pocket Book. However the increased cost of printing small numbers and the workload to produce a second version in the year cannot now be justified.

Spotting Books: Released Annually (Combine & wire bound Pocket Book):

Combine Vol.1, Pocket Books & Locos now contain all std gauge preserved / industrial diesel / electric locos PLUS narrow gauge locos above 2'-7" and all broad gauge.

Click to see sample pages from (Pocket Book 2021) sample shows title page of wire bound version
(Combine Vol.1 2021)
(Combine Vol.2 2021) (Locomotives 2021)

Released As Required: (approx every two years - Name Directory, Irish Rlys, every 5 years - Ultimate Sighting Files)

The Ultimate Sighting Files are the only spotting books you need to record all Diesel & Electric locos you have seen over the years, whether active or long scrapped. They list all locomotives to have operated in mainland UK for the big four, BR & privatised companies post nationalisation including all re-numberings with works numbers, buil and disposal details. Each book contains a comprehensive cross refernce table of all re-numberings so any loco can be easily found whatever number you use.

UKRS No.1 and UKRS No.5 are A6 size, all others are A5 size (see photos below). All are wire bound including a more user fiendly version of the Pocket Book introduced in 2018 (the only wire bound A6 spotters book). The original version with a spine is still produced but as perfect bound. All books have laminated covers. Being wire bound, books can be laid flat, so user friendly and are perfect to work hands free with a computer. We can supply adjustable clear plastic protective covers for all our books though the best fit is for the original Pocket Book (see Sundries page).

ICRS books 2021 02A, 03A, 01A, 05 & 01WA

2023 books show for illustration above: Combine Vol.1 02 & Vol.3 03
Pocket Book 01 (spine), Locos 05 & Pocket Book 01W (wire)

below Name Directory 04, USFs 10 & 11 & Irish Rly 09 (all still current for 2023)

ICRS books 10, 04 & 11

Click to see images of previous editions of spotting books released in the UK Rail Series.

Pictorial Albums:

Locos in the Pre-Privatisation Era: Photos of locos in various liveries pre 1996

  • Shunter Hunter Class 08 (photo of book awaiting release)


    Our range includes the following useful accessories:

    • Society branded A6 size wirebound notebooks 50 (red) or 75 (blue) pages (21 lines per page).
    • A5 blue cordex magazine binders with ICRS logo on the spine, to keep your copies of TRACKS safe.
    • Society polo shirts in BLACK, DARK NAVY, NAVY, BURGUNDY or BOTTLE GREEN embroidered with ICRS logo & name.
    • Society baseball caps in BLACK, NAVY or BURGUNDY embroidered with ICRS logo & name.

    P&P automatically added when using PayPal
    otherwise please add P&P if ordering via post or BACS.
    Delivery to non UK addresses will incur extra postage over the UK standard rate so PLEASE request cost before ordering
    Whilst we do our very best to dispatch items as soon as possible,
    we are all volunteers and the orders are dealt with by one person.
    Note it will take longer if you order when new books have just been released as pre-orders are dealt with first and if Sundries are
    pre-ordered with new books these will be sent together,
    so please be patient.
    Also please note there may be delays in some areas of the UK,
    outside of our control, due to the vagaries of the postal service. Clothing will take 28 days for delivery if not in stock.

    To order by credit card via PayPal please go to our Books or to our Sundries on-line ordering pages.

    If you wish to pay by cheque or postal order
    please download an Order Form to complete and return by post as shown on the form.

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