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When posting a cheque please use new bar coded stamps as the use of older stamps incurs a fee which we will not pay to be delivered
Reduced Membership Fee for NEW MEMBERS
Renewal fee to taper down during 2023 for Existing Members

To sign up for a new membership by cheque or postal order download an APPLICATION and return, as shown on the form, with your remittance. To renew your existing membership during 2023 by cheque or postal order please contact the Membership Secretary (if you haven't already been contacted) as the ree will be tapering down from month to month. You can also pay by BACS, bank details provided on request, emailing or phoning through your details. These options are our preferrred methods of paying as no third party fees are taken. Alternatively you can pay by credit card on-line via PayPal (see options below for UK & Overseas). You do not need to have your own account, especially if underage, but PLEASE read instructions on providing information on yourself if the applicant is not the PayPal account holder). Use of PayPal does however incur a charge to the Society.

In joining ICRS you agree to accept and be bound by the rules and other matters as set out in the Society's CONSTITUTION, a copy of which will be posted to you with your welcome pack.

As required by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), by completing this application for membership or renewing, I hereby consent to my personal data being held by Inter City Railway Society (ICRS) for the purpose of maintaining my membership, receiving TRACKS, ordering books/sundries and attending events through electronic, printed and hand-written communications from officials of ICRS. I also understand that I may cancel this consent at any time by sending either an email or letter to the Membership Secretary, though this would then prevent any active processing of your membership. For further details please refer to our Privacy Policy which will also be issued with your new Members Welcome Pack.

TRACKS August 2014 sample copyBenefits of Membership:

TRACKS our magazine:

We cover the very many varied topical aspects of the present vibrant railway scene, plus regular or occassional articles featuring items of stock, locations or recalling the past. Each 80 page issue features over 200 photos (approx 2600 pa) accompanying and illustrating the latest news from around the UK through regular features: Eastleigh Works Report, Stock Changes, Wagon Matters, Light Rail & Metro News, Preservation News, Infrastructure News, Traffic & Traction News, Out & About (members sightings), Railway Globetrotters (members overseas trips) plus other varied interesting features and articles.


All for only £12.00 pa
Additional Family Membership: Child age 10-16 - £5.00 pa

PLEASE NOTE there will be a different Renewal fee structure for Existing Members to be fully explained in the Jan 2023 issue of TRACKS with all full members migrating to a fee of £12 pa by Jan 2024.

Membership gives you 12 issues pa of our magazine TRACKS downloadable as a pdf only.
For Existing Members printed copies of TRACKS will still be available for 2023 along with a pdf if required
(the printed version takes approx 10 days to be delivered after pdf generated)
Additional Family Members do not get printed copies of TRACKS

If you wish to see a sample copy of TRACKS please click on the image above right
or visit the TRACKS Library page where other issues can be selected.

On-line Options (NEW and RENEWALS)

First select either NEW or RENEWAL. If you are an existing member please use the RENEWAL options. DO NOT use the NEW option. For all, then chose either UK Membership or Additional Family Membership

Both an email address, ideally a non work email that can accept large attachments up to 20MB (TRACKS pdf)
and a telephone number are required

For all types please fill in all the text boxes and remember to include your Date of Birth (NEW only) and if you are Renewing, your ICRS Membership No. For Additional Family Membership please give the Membership No of the existing Member. If you are a new member please let us know where you heard of ICRS by picking the right option in the drop down box. Once you have completed the above, click Buy Now. You will then be taken to a secure site at PayPal where you can complete your purchase.

IMPORTANT: Your name, address and email is automatically provided by PayPal (the account details when set up) so if you have recently moved house PLEASE check the address is correct or if the account is a business name or in someone elses name please provide your correct details in the Add special instructions to the seller comments box on the PayPal checkout page. Similarly If the membership is being purchased on behalf of someone else, then for the reasons stated above about address and email automatically provided, please state that the membership is for another and include all relevant details in the Add special instructions to the seller comments box on the PayPal checkout page. Please provide their full name, all contact details and date of birth. This will ensure that we can process the membership application correctly. If you have any queries please email the Membership Secretary, Colin Pottle at membership@intercityrailwaysociety.org.

For all applications, processing of your membership is fairly prompt
usually within a day or two.
However if the Membership Secretary is away then this may mean a slightly longer delay

On acceptance you will be notified by email requesting
confirmation of your address (see reasons below).
Also PLEASE provide the correct email you intend to use for TRACKS or receive future correspondence (this may be different from your PayPal account email).
PLEASE ensure you add the following emails into your contacts and mark them as safe sender so that neither gets treated as spam:


Membership Application - NEW

TRACKS is now downloadable as a pdf but if it necessary to email it then please ensure you provide a non work email that can accept large attachments up to 20MB.

Once your address is confirmed you will be notified of your membership number if you wish to order books etc. prior to receiving your welcome pack. Your membership card, constitution and a current order form will then be posted to you BUT ONLY after you have confirmed that your address is correct. The latest issue of TRACKS will be emailed to you.

Membership (Annual) - NEW
Where did you hear about ICRS
PayPal Account Details (please check if correct for applicant)
Landline & Mobile Tel Nos
Date of Birth

REMINDER: If you are applying on behalf of someone else PLEASE give their details.
If the membership is for you, have you checked that your PayPal account details show your correct name, current address. Also check
that you have included the email you wish to use for TRACKS and future correspondence (this may be different from your PayPal account email).

Additional Family Membership Application (Child) - NEW

This is an additional membership for a member who wishes to take their child or grandchild on Member Only Visits (standard visit fees applicable). The Membership No. and Renewal date will be the same for the full paying member. If joining before or after the Renewal date of the full member the length of membership for the first year may therefore vary between 6 and 18 months, at the discretion of the Membership Secretary.

Please ensure you give their details as the PayPal account will clearly not be in their name.

Additional Family Membership (Annual) - NEW
Name & Date of Birth
Membership No of Adult Member

Existing Members - RENEWAL (interim arrangements for 2023)

For those taking TRACKS as a printed version it will continue to be produced during 2023, but will be pdf only from Jan 2024. Therefore TRACKS will be delivered as normal by post (2023 only) and a Renewal Notice will be shown on the address carrier sheet when you are due to renew, indicated above your name & address for the relevant month. You will also be contacted by email as fees will be tapered down throughout 2023 from £25 eventually to £12 by the start of 2024. Because members can renew in advance you might pay a higher fee than you actually need to pay, as this will vary month by month, but any overpayment will be refunded.

All members taking TRACKS as a pdf only, can renew at £12

All existing Adult Additional Family Members (AFAs) will move to full membership in their own right at the new standard £12 fee.

You can chose to change your Membership type, add Additional Family Members (child) and amend your TRACKS delivery on Renewal.

PLEASE NOTE havnig received a lifetime Membership Card on joining none will be issued on Renewal.

For Family Membership please ensure you give their details as the PayPal account will clearly not be in their name

Existing Members - RENEWAL (select correct option)
Landline & Mobile Tel Nos
Membership No


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