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Current Issues - October 557 (80 pages) - 209 photos
and November 558 (64 pages) - 174 photos

Oct pdf sent - 23rd Oct, print copy posted out 2nd class from printers - Mon 4th Nov
Nov pdf sent 4th Nov, print copy posted out 2nd class from printers - Tue 12th Nov

Next issue December 559 (64 pages)
pdf - Fri 6th Dec, print copy to be posted from printers - TBC

October 2019 TRACKSNovember 2019 TRACKS

November 2019 - Contents

Class 313 Farewell Tour

Days Out - Battlefield Line

Tyne Valley Diversions incl Signal Box Survey

Preservation Galas:
NYM Steam Gala, LLR Diesel Gala, LLR Return of Foxcote Manor, GCR Steam Gala
SVR Diesel Gala, SPA Diesel Gala, TM Vintage Weekend, GCN Diesel Gala, GWR Diesel Gala

Blackpool & Fleetwood Tramway

WD Austerity 0-6-0ST Loco Survey - [7086]

Barry Scrapyard - 4-6-0 76084

Liveries: D4137, 08850, D6851, 66090/109, 4-6-0 4953, 2-8-0 2253, 50203/66, 170458/72, 230003,
Mk1 6379/975397, various trams

October 2019 - Contents

Eastleigh Works Members Visit Report

Crewe Basford Hall Visit Report

Off the Beaten Track - Pittencrieff Park, Dunfermline

Signal Box Survey - Littlehampton

Days Out - Bachmann Members Day & the Southwest

Preservation Galas: HST Shunter Hunter

Then & Now - 2-8-0 48173

WD Austerity 0-6-0ST Loco Survey - [3818]

Infrastructure News

Coach Matters

New Stock: 66792, 331004, 397007, 745103, 800206

Liveries:D2420, D3014/3800, 08830, 31130, 33021, 37310, 43040/15357313, 66109, 91117/20
150214, 158769/773, 79612, 977335 (76277), Mk1 17105, various trams

Common to Oct / Nov 2019 - Contents

Eastleigh Works Report

RHTT Gallery

Shunter Spot

Traffic & Traction News with photos from around the network

Franchise / Network News

Technology News

Stock Moves

Freight Matters

Out & About member Sightings

Stock Changes

TRACKS and TRACKS extra are fully illustrated throughout with photos of the national network and preserved railway scene. Both are packed with an interesting and varied range of features and articles.
Topical information including STOCK CHANGES and FREIGHT MATTERS, which will help keep your ICRS books up to date, are only covered in the main TRACKS issues.

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