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Location 'Spot'Lights / Depot Directory*:

The following spotting locations have all been featured in various TRACKS issues since the first in 2007 under the title of Location 'Spot'Light or Depot Directory*, to download the relevant issue of TRACKS click on the date. All are in the UK bar one in France (highlighted in blue). The majority were compiled by Trevor Roots as editor of TRACKS who also took the photos, where the original author was different then this is shown.

Acton Main Line Station and Acton Yard, London (Mar 2009)

Ayr TMD and Falkland Yard * (Aug 2007)

Barnetby Station (Dec 2007)

Birmingham Moor Street (Nov 2007), Update (Dec 2011)

Birmingham New Street (Oct 2007), Update (Dec 2011)

Birmingham Snow Hill (Jan 2008)

Cardiff Central Station (Sep 2010)

Carlisle Station, DRS Kingmoor MPD and Kingmoor Yard (Mar 2007), Update (Sep 2009)

Carlisle DRS Kingmoor MPD and Kingmoor Yard - Update (Mar 2012)

Channel Tunnel Terminal, Cheriton and Dollands Moor Yard (May 2009)

Dawlish Sea Wall (Oct 2008)

Didcot Parkway Station and Yard (Aug 2009), Update (Dec 2009) (Tony Flatt)

Eastleigh Station, Works and Depot (Dec 2008)

Exeter St David's Station and Depot (Oct 2008)

Frethun / Channel Tunnel Entrance / Caffiers / Ferques Quarry (Dec 2007) (Peter Britcliffe)

Glasgow Central Station (Mar 2008), Update (Feb 2010), Update (Nov 2010)

Glasgow Queen Street Station (Apr 2008)

Gospel Oak Station (May 2010)

Hither Green MPD (Jul 2009)

Ipswich Station and SP (Jan 2009)

Manchester Piccadily Station (Apr 2009)

Milford Junction, Monk Fryston (Jun 2008)

Mossend Yard, Glasgow (Jan 2008)

Nemesis Rail, Burton upon Trent (Dec 2016)

Newport Station, Wales (Nov 2008), Update (Oct 2009)

Nuneaton (Jan 2007) (James Holloway)

Peak Forest Sidings (Jul 2007)

Peterborough Station (Sep 2007)

Preston Station (Aug 2008)

Reading Station (Feb 2008)

Southampton Central Station (Sep 2008)

Tamworth Station (May 2008)

Tamworth (Low Level, WCML) Update (Mar 2009)

Toton TMD and Yards (Jul 2008), Update (Nov 2009), Update (Jun 2011)

Wandsworth Road Station, London (Feb 2009)

Warrington Bank Quay Station and Arpley Yard (Apr 2010)

Water Orton Station (May 2007) (James Holloway)


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