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The following are are individual articles, some reported under another section header (as shown in brackets) clicking on the link will re-direct you to the relevant issue of TRACKS.

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A4s Return (Nov 2012) (Trevor Roots)

A Day out with Tyseley Footplatemen (Jun 2009) (James Holloway) (All Our Yesterdays)

Beeching (Mar 2013)

Borders Railway (Oct 2015) (Trevor Roots)

Behind the Nameplate 37188 'Jimmy Shand' (Sep 2007) (Keith White)

Dutch Class 600 Shunters in the UK (Jan 2012) (Trevor Roots)

Class 87s in Bulgaria (Dec 2012) (Dave Whitfield)

Class 456 Farewell to Southern Service (Jan 2014) (Mark Richards / Trevor Roots)

Colas Rail OTP (Dec 2013) (Trevor Roots)

Engineering Trains in the Penrith Area (Feb 2014) (Gordon Kirkby) (Traffic & Traction News)

Focus on Foxton (Apr 2016) (Colin Pottle)

Fleet Liveries - Post Privatisation East Coast HSTs, Cl91s & DVTs (Sep 2011) (Trevor Roots)

Isle of Wight, Part 1 - 'Island Line' (Dec 2010) (Mark Richards) (Days Out)

Loch Treig Landslip (66734 accident) (Aug 2012) (Trevor Roots)

Mallard 75 - The Great Goodbye, Locomotion Shildon (Mar 2014) (Trevor Roots)

North East Rail Rover, Sep 2013 (Nov 2013) (Mark Richards) (Days Out)

Northern Coast to Coast (Aug 2015) (Colin James) (Days Out)

NRM incl Winston Churchill's funeral train (Apr 2015) (Trevor Roots)

NR Test Trains (Feb 2015)

Polar Express & Santa Specials (Jan 2015) (Trevor Roots)

Preservation Restoration Projects - Diesel Locos (Jan 2015) (Trevor Roots)

Preserved Steam Locos - Narrow Gauge (Feb 2015) (Trevor Roots)

Prototypes in Preservation (Mar 2012) (Trevor Roots)

Railfest 2012, NRM York, 2nd-10th Jun 2012 (Jul 2012) (Stuart Moore) (Andy Woodcock)

Ruston Shunters at Eastleigh Works (Jan 2008) (Carl Watson)

Saturday in South Wales (Apr 2015) (Andrew Buckley) (Days Out)

Slamdoor Farewell (Jun 2010) (Carl Watson)

The Great Gathering (Aug 2013) (Carl Watson / James Holloway)

The Rise and Fall of 66048 (Feb 2010) (Trevor Roots)

The Rise and Fall of 66048 - update (Mar 2010) (Trevor Roots)

The Society Magazine - 500 Not Out (Aug 2014) (Trevor Roots)

Tufts Crossing near March (April 2016) (Colin James)

Welsh Highland Railway (May 2015) (Martin Evans) (Days Out)

Workington Shuttle (Mar 2010) (Trevor Roots) (Network News)

Wrexham & Shropshire - RIP (Feb 2011) (Trevor Roots) (Network News)

40th Anniversary - The ICRS Story (Jan 2013) (Trevor Roots)

40th Anniversary - The ICRS Story (cont) (Feb 2013) (Trevor Roots)

150th Anniversary of the Opening of the Metropolitan Railway (Jun 2013) (Mark Richards)


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